Alright. So. This is more of an update rather than a monthly wrap up. Disappointing, I know, since up until now I’ve only had one of these.

giphy1March has been difficult, both personally and otherwise. The last review I posted was on the week of my birthday and I let myself take a little break from reading and writing. Then, the following week, the unthinkable happened! My beautiful year-old MacBook Pro broke. It broke! Specifically, it was the screen that cracked. It is totally and completely my fault as I’ve dropped it multiple times. It will take anywhere between $500-$700 to repair. Until that happens, I feel completely lost without my files, my notes, and the lists that I made about upcoming reviews. Yes, I’ve backed up some of that data to a cloud but it just doesn’t feel the same.

Honestly, it is as if I’ve felt this coming. As I am such a clutz, for the last several months I’ve been considering getting a cheap laptop or a Chromebook to use at home when just browsing at home or watching Netflix. Well, in the end I decided to save $400 that I was willing to spend. The irony! And now, after shattering my Mac’s screen, I have to pay for repair and I did end up purchasing a Chromebook for $400 to use in the meantime (not the best device as it is a glorified web browser but definitely better than any Windows laptop at that price).

Besides computer trouble, there’s been work related stuff that have kept me both busy and a little down, so for these past two weeks my blog has been neglected. As has my “to read” pile. It sits there, glaring at me, driving guilt deep into my soul. And I know that my NetGalley list feels the same.

But this is a book blog so let’s talk about books!

the nightengale wont let you sleepThis month I read three books, all of very different genres and all of them differently successful. Remember how back in February I said that The Borrowed might be my favourite of the year? Well look out Chan Ho-Kei because Steven Heighton’s The Nightingale Won’t Let You Sleep is coming very close behind. I really did not know what to expect when I read the summary, and quite frankly, I did not expect to love it as much as I did. It It is contemporary and at the same time dystopian, richly cultured, and lavish with imagery. Set in present day Cyprus, in the no-man’s-land of the abandoned quarter of the city Famagusta, it is a story about outcasts and survival. I so very, very recommend.

rawbloodMy second favourite for this month was The Girl From Rawblood by Catriona Ward. Dark, brooding, experimental, well written, weird, it is well worth the patience it requires. It is not for everyone but I would recommend it for those who enjoy gothic novels or historical fiction. Love it or hate it but it still worth checking out.

Last and the very least was So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum. The writing was good but the story was meh. Although it could just be me because I am oh so tired of the “dead girl” mysteries… even though it wasn’t really a mystery, but rather a drama which explored the events before, during and after a kidnapping/murder. It is a novel driven by character – so many characters that I did not care for any of them, even the main ones.

somuchloveAfter finishing the month with the beautiful The Nightingale Won’t Let You Sleep, and disliking So Much Love, I am dreading my next read The Cutaway by Christina Kovac. Another dead girl, another “mystery”. But that is unfair. I cannot judge a book just because it is in the same genre as the one that I disliked, so I am trying to remain positive.

Positive that April will be better than March. Positive that I will make a better advance on my to-read list. Positive that I will catch up on my reviews. Positive that everything else will work out.

Once again, here’s to spring!



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