DNF @ 100%

Dead girls, they’re everywhere recently. A mystery is not a mystery without a dead girl, it seems. Evelyn Carney is the dead girl in Christina Kovac’s The Cutaway. A radiant woman living and working in Washington DC, surrounded by hungry, crooked people who are willing to put lives on the line for their career. But this book is not about Evelyn, not really. It is about Virginia Knightly, an ambitious, brilliant and brave news producer who will do anything for a story.

Evelyn’s murder is really only a subplot to Virginia’s story. Virginia is passionate about her career, her co-workers and the news, and when her new boss decides to take over, it seems that all of those things are on the line. Thankfully, Evelyn turns up missing and Virginia has a story to pursue, using her connections with sexy detectives and sexier news anchors to find leads before anybody else can. Really, she’s a pro and seems to get to places and find information even before the police. Yet, there is so much going on in Virginia’s life – dying father, career issues, boyfriend troubles – that Evelyn is always a afterthought, a topic that pops up every once in awhile, to recede back into the background for another few chapters.

If you like mystery, if you like political settings and strong women, then you will really enjoy The Cutaway. It is very slow paced but Virginia’s spunk makes up for it. Sort of. In places where the novel was faster paced, it did hold attention, but otherwise I found myself bored and skimming. I skimmed most of the book, which is why I can’t mark it as “read”. Cutthroat politics and law are not subjects I am well versed in so they did not draw me. Kovac obviously has experience in both, as well as in news reporting, and she knows how to write well, but realistic details and writing skills do not make good book. After being bored for so long, I just skipped to the end to find out what really happened to Evelyn. And all it made me do was go “huh”, that’s it.

Final thought: meh.


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